Saving Money

Saving Money in the Kitchen

Your kitchen and food budget can easily become one of the biggest money sinks in your home finance plan.  This is especially true if you have a nature that might lean toward the wasteful side, as in money spent on food that never gets used and just goes bad.  The offenses may vary depending on the person, so here’s a look at some advice for keeping down your kitchen costs.

What are you (not) using?

Before you make write down any structured plan for handling a task you first have to understand where the problems are.  Look at the foods that your family is eating and look at the appliances that you use.  Then look at what isn’t being used in your kitchen. Are unused appliances being left plugged in?  It may not seem that significant, but the costs of appliances that are “off” and being left plugged in may be costing you as much as $100 dollars extra in electric bills a year.  Older appliances tend to be the worst offenders as they suffer from lower energy efficiency than contemporary appliances.  If it isn’t being used then it’s best to unplug it, well, except for your programmable coffee maker, because that’s an absolute necessity, While saving money in the catching you can visit one of the online casino and try your lucky, you might get away with extra cash.

Don’t buy it if you won’t use it

If your family easily goes through four loaves of bread a week then it makes sense to buy four loaves of bread a week.  But if your clan barely uses bread then maybe forego buying bread until it’s actually needed. Buying fresh fruits and vegetables is great as long as you are actually using them.  When you come home with a head of lettuce, use that lettuce up as soon as you can.  Go through your fresher foods first then rely on your longer lasting canned foods as you get closer to your next grocery date. Don’t get duped into buying any appliances, cookware, or other utensils you don’t actually need.  That automated vegetable slicer you saw on a 2 a.m. infomercial might be super neat and convenient but don’t you already have a perfectly fine chef’s knife that has been doing the job fine all along?

Reuse and Recycle

Are paper towels your go-to method for drying hands and dealing with other messes in your kitchen?  Try keeping a set of reusable dish towels instead, this saves a lot of paper waste from constant hand washing or cleanup of spills meaning you’ll save a little bit extra money, How much food are you wasting and can you make use of any leftovers?  Those heels at the end of loaves of bread get a lot of hate, especially when they’re too small to make an effective sandwich with.  However, there’s a great use for them, take your unused heels and turn them into croutons!  Break them up, oil and season them with a little salt and pepper, and bake them until crispy and you have yourself some delicious homemade croutons you can use in salads.  If you don’t go through bread that fast you can keep them in your freezer until you have enough to cook up a batch, just make sure they haven’t spoiled yet.

Be vigilant

There are plenty of other great ways to save money in the kitchen, just remember the best principle for saving is to always be examining what you’re using and what is being wasted.  If you pay attention to where your money is going you’re on the right track to saving it!